Loyalty Programme

What is the Kiabi Loyalty Programme?

The Kiabi Loyalty Programme lets you earn 1 Happy Point for every dirham you spend online and in any of our stores. When you reach 1,200 Happy Points, you will get a 15% loyalty discount which you can use on your next purchase.

Who can join the Loyalty Programme?

The programme is available for anyone who is over 18 years old and who currently resides in the UAE. 

How do I join the Loyalty Programme?

Joining is so easy! One way to do it is by visiting our website and clicking on Loyalty card on the top right-hand corner. You can also pop by in any our stores and ask one of our staff.

What benefits do I get from the Loyalty Programme?
  • You will get 100 welcome points when you join our Loyalty Programme
  • An additional 100 Happy Points gets credited into your account when you make a purchase during your birth month
  • Get free alterations on Kiabi products
  • Enjoy amazing offers such as surprise gifts, birthday discounts and a chance to earn double points
Can membership to the Loyalty Programme expire?

Membership to the Loyalty Programme is for an unlimited duration. However, if you have not made a purchase for 3 consecutive years using your Loyalty Programme account, your account will be deactivated and any points you have accumulated will be lost.

I already have a loyalty card. How do I link it to my Kiabi account?

You can do this on the website by clicking Loyalty programme in My account and selecting Link card.

How do I know when I have accumulated enough Happy Points to qualify for a loyalty discount?

We will send you an SMS when you have reached 1,200 Happy Points. You can also check your points by clicking on Loyalty programme in Account overview on the website, giving us a call at 800 KIABI (800 54224) or asking any of our store staff.

How soon do I need to use my loyalty discount?

Once you receive your loyalty discount,  you will have 3 months to use it.

Can I use my loyalty discount over several purchases?

You can only use your loyalty discount in a single purchase.

Where can I use my loyalty discount?

You can use your loyalty discount in any of our stores in the UAE and on www.kiabi.ae.

Where can I find the Terms & conditions for the Loyalty Programme?

You will find a link to the Terms & conditions by clicking on Loyalty card on the upper right-hand corner on the website. You can also scroll down to the bottom of a page and then click on Terms & conditions.

What happens to my Happy Points when I cancel an order or return a product?

If an order or product is cancelled or returned, all Happy Points earned from that order or product will be deducted from your total accumulated points.

Can I update the mobile phone number I use for the Loyalty Programme?

Yes, you can! Just get in touch with us at 800 KIABI (800 54224) and ask to change the mobile number linked to your Loyalty Programme.

How long will it take for my Loyalty Programme mobile number to be updated?

Your mobile number will be updated within 5 working days after you got in touch with us. We will notify you that it has been updated through email.